Monday, February 10, 2014

Six Month Mark

Nick's letter is really, really short because he ran out of time because he sent a slew of pictures.  So, be prepared to be bombarded at the bottom.  I'm a little jealous that he's in shorts and sun and we're freezing here in the snow.  I sent him a picture of the snow and he said it looked amazing.  I think he would welcome a coolish day.  

Well it turns out I have been out 6 months.. 18 more to go. It seems like a lot of time but, what I'm starting to realize is, it's really not... 

So what have I learned in these 6 months... 

Sure there's the obvious, about hard work, being clean (I'm sorry for all the times I was messy, mom), and how to walk in the sun all day, and well, Spanish. 
But really what have I learned is.... 

How to be grateful, for basically everything. A lot of people down here don't have a lot, and yet they feed us. They'll decide to skip breakfast the next day, or decide to eat the same food for 2 days. only to feed us for one day. 

And really that's something special to see... because really no one's obligated to help us out. But, they do it anyway. 

Also, really what it means to put trust in God. Sometimes we open up our planner for the next day, and we just have nothing.  99% of the time, those days really, really suck.  But, if you leave with a prayer in your heart and an open mind, miracles happen. Those are some of the best days. 

Love you guys.
Elder Arvanitas 

Gerrado with his shrimp (in his last area)

Nick just said this was a crazy little girl ( in his last area)

Marta and her family (she owned the chicken shop in his last area)

Elder C.... got pooped on and Elder L... in the background

Last week's service project, 5 hours cutting down a tree with a machete

Freddy and his wife and her family

Nick and Freddy

Climbing Pena de Bernal last week on P-day

No shoes!  That's my Nick!

Top of the mountain

Hello Mr Rooster, come right in


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