Monday, February 24, 2014

A Few Things about who we Teach


I'm sorry, I didn't write last week. But like Jesus said, if your mad in your heart at someone its a sin and I invite you to repent. 

But first, what happened 2 weeks ago. What I've been thinking a lot about lately is the people I've met while I've been here. We started to find a lot of new people to teach. 13 this last week. Here are just a few... 

Freddy..  Hes a legit Mexican cowboy.. he has about 30 sombreros, and always goes to Michocan to ride horses.  One day I'm going to get him to lasso me. He's also a pain in the butt to talk sometimes cause he just yells at us and say ¨me entiendes!?"(Do you understand?)

Victor..  This guy was really "sent" for us. We had this investigator, Elena, who always invites people to her house when we go. We've taught her the same lesson like 5 times. 
So Victor. He said one day he prayed to god to help him, and started walking to work. Elena yelled for him, even though she doesn't know him, and invited him to her house to talk with us. He was all depressed and he can't read, so that's kind of  problematic, but he's nice. 

Gaby... another friend of Elena's, she's a Jehovah Witness. The first time we went with her she was just mad, and everything we said she opposed. But, then she came to the realization that she's not happy at all.  Now she complains to us about all the stuff she has to do in the JW church... so that's kind of funny. 
We had this really special lesson with her... we were just talking about faith and repentance. I just asked her 
"What do you think about all this?" 
"You can tell huh... you can tell I'm far away from God.... I'm thinking, one day, I'm going to go to your church." 
She started to cry a little. And I did too. 

Jorge... He knows everything about the bible. He was explaining to us the difference between what the bible says in Hebrew and (Greek?). But he's nice... he just always touches my arm.

Roxanna... We never taught this lady, just a funny story. She was a reference. So we went to her house to "contact" her. She opens the door... 
"Oh I'm changing houses... right now... well its not my house it's my boyfriends... well ex boyfriend.... I'm sorry... I cant... I cant.." 
shuts the door bawling her eyes out... 
I turn to Duran... "Well at least now we can cross her off the reference list"

and finally Elena... 
She just got baptized. She believes more in the church than half of the members.. every lesson we had with her she brought someone new. Most of her family hates us, cause they think were of the Devil.   She's special and I'm always going to remember her. 

And then all the other stuff...
Almost touched a power line and died..
Talked with a drunk guy that wouldn't let go of my hand. They always touch me.. 
and  then we went back to Queretaro, for interviews. 

And that's my life-.

Elder Arvanitas
That's a lemon, it's as big as a grapefruit

Elena's baptism

Elder B...... selfie

The person who was supposed to baptize someone didn't show, so Nick did it.  Needless to say, he didn't have a change of underclothes afterward, so he just put his clothes back on.  That's why he's wet.  

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