Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfers Again!

Well after reading Sydney's letter... I really don't know what she does with her time as a missionary. Maybe one day she'll figure it out :p (Thousands of miles away and he still teases his sister)

This week we had a baptism, of Jaqueline. She's a little girl, so there were not any life changing experiences from teaching her. 

But I guess the big news is, I'm getting transferred. Well kind of, they're putting 4 missionaries in my ward, so I have to go find a new house with my new companion (an american) and then I guess we just see what happens. (Nick doesn't get his new companion until tomorrow and he couldn't remember his name) Out of the 45 people we were teaching, I get 5..

For people who don't know what transfers are like, in one day I want you to pack up your entire room in 2 suitcases and leave the next. Its no fun. I just finished unpacking too... 

Also Elder L......... coming to Tequis,(Elder L.....was in Nick's district in the MTC and Tequis is the next town over) so I'll start to see him every week. I am actually way excited for that. I haven't seen that kid for like 5 months. 

Also I ate cow intestine the other day so, that was the most terrible thing ever. 

But just thinking about  my mission so far. In 12 days I'll have 6 months in Mexico. 6 months of everyday waking up and doing the same routine to get ready, studying, walking around all day, talking with everyone, then returning to my house, planning, and then I lay down on my bed and die. 

And you know what. I love it. 

I don't know,  I feel like I was such a bum in the house. I'm not going to lie that was pretty enjoyable too. 

But, I never got anywhere. 

I was thinking about this quote my mission president wrote in a letter. "That for a sailing ship without a goal, any wind is good." 

And that's how I was, 

If we never have plans to go anywhere, well, we´ll just stay the same. And that's the truth. 

Elder Arvanitas

A tree that Nick passes that he likes.  

Elder Arvanitas and Jacqueline

And then it started to hail

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