Monday, March 17, 2014

Discouraging week

This week...... 

Honestly it was one of the most discouraging weeks of my mission.  I have no idea why either. But sometimes you just get stuck in this rut... 

Less success --->  Less motivation 
Less motivation ---> less desires to work/ worse quality of work 
worse quality of work ----> Less blessings/guidance 
Less blessings/guidance ----> Less success 

and it's just a never ending cycle that just sucks... 

The only way out is to re-motivate yourself to work.

I don't know, I think the most important thing is that we be honest with ourselves.  

But to not get carried away and be "too hard" on ourselves, but at the same time to not be guilty of levity. 

And this is what I did Saturday night.... 

I was like "Elder Arvanitas, you sucked this week. You let a lot of people down, and just got lazy, and you didn't work that hard. Why are you here?... etc." 

Then I realized I'm really grateful for the opurtunidad to be here. It's really a blessing, and I love getting to know the people here and helping them with their problems. 

Sometimes repentance is not a huge event, but just a promise to yourself to be better.. 

So I was better Sunday and it was one of the best days here in San Juan. 

Also! I learned something today though. Everyone is so worried about being equal in the world.  I was talking with Elder M.....  about this. He tells me, don't let other people take advantage of you! Then he told me this story about one of his other comps who used all the dishes, while he washed the same dish every night and by the end of the week his comp was like hey it's my turn to clean the dishes.. so he did all of them... 
Then the next week the same thing happened only his comp said hey! it's your turn to clean the dishes and he's like no, you got them all dirty... and then they got in an argument about that.

To me that's stupid.. I'm not here to be equal  or argue about doing dishes. I like my house clean, and can't focus when it's not. So,  if I need to do something simple like that, I'll do it. 

Well that's about all. Love you guys, take care. 

Elder Arvanitas

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