Monday, March 10, 2014

New Companion and House

Well to answer your questions... 

My Companion  

Elder M...... he has been out a year and a half in the mission. From Phoenix Arizona, and!!! hes an American! (my Spanish is kinda suffering, but at the same time he's teaching me a lot...) Turns out I'm a lot funnier in English too than I am in Spanish. 

The House 

Well after literally 20 hours of walking around searching for a house, we found one... But I'll just tell you a little about my search. 
For one thing, you don't need a Realtor or anything to rent a house here in Mexico. You don't even need to clean it either.(Nick said they spent 4 1/2 hours cleaning it today) If you have a house, just put up a little paper that says (renta) in front with a number. 
It was our job, to walk around on every single street and colony (they have colonies here) looking for all of those houses, and hoping that one was less than 2000 pesos per month. 

It was the most frustrating thing in the world. 

Also, all their houses here just look like big hallways. 

So yeah we looked and we looked, a guy bribed us with milk and cookies to buy his house that was 2800 a month. This other member took us to what I thought was the end of the world, to look at his house that smelled like a dead dog. (dead dogs smell terrible, we pass them lying in the street sometimes) Every time we'd find a half decent house they'd be like, "Yeah, I rented that one a while ago". 

But we got one. So its all good. 

At the end of the week, we still had 12 lessons,  but its only because we found this awesome lady. 

Rayo (lightning) 

We went with her almost every day this week and talked with her. Shes been going with the JW but she told us she's bored when she's there because all they do is read the bible for 2 hours, and then give her homework to do every week. 
She also never stops talking. 
 I guess the only story I have is that we left her with a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon, and when we went back she had read 7 chapters. Even though it doesn't seem that big, it was huge. 

And then I kind of realized something, that we talk to a lot of people that just think we're crazy. 
"you guys don't drink coffee?!" or 
"you guys don't believe in the Virgin?" (that's actually only here in Mexico) 

And to be honest, I understand them. Some of the things we do or don't do are strange but, the only way we can know if it's all true or not is if we read that book, and we pray about it. 

And for me, well, I've read it and I know it's true.  I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to be here in Mexico, telling people what I know. 

Love you all, 
Elder Arvanitas 

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