Monday, January 19, 2015

Divisions and talks

Good ol´ family. 

Not to be a party pooper or anything but in another 2 weeks I complete a girl mission... can't I just stop writing you after that? It gets a little repetitive sometimes... 

We have another capacitation(training) coming up with president Wednesday. It'll be with our zone, Celaya south and Irapuato. 

Had divisiones with an elder this week, they last 3 days now so I didn't spend much time in my area. (The kid that came here, drank all my milk....) (Nick said he got gum in his sheets too.  I told him to go buy new sheets)

... I bet your expecting a long letter right? 

I kinda have nothing to say. 

We went up to San Miguel again, and helped them with their numbers. 

Saw some more gueros. 

Ate some cheese cake. 

Started writing my talk for when I got back (just cause I know I'll not want to write it when I get back) 

Gave a talk this week about Helaman Chapter 5. I talked on how there was a point when Nefi and Lehi remembered the words of their father, who in this time had been dead for 10 years. Seeing their people in disaster they decided the only things they can do is to leave on missions, and teach their people. But I ended up relating it to my own mission, how the first city Nefi got to was Abundance, and how Queretaro for me was the city of abundance with all the tomales, tortas, and tacos al pastor every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

I talked about converts and people I've met on my mission. How coming to Celaya is like teaching the Lamanites because there are just pure cholos(gang kids) here. (I'm sure Nick is a big hit in his area.  They may chase him out of the city, like Lamanites, too.)

The point was this though, that one day every one is going to have kids or grand kids that grow up and are not sure whether they should leave or stay. And to never lose the chance to share their testimonies with them and to always be a good example. 

I told them that I would have never had the courage to come out if it wasn't for what my parents had taught me all my life with their examples, and testified of the truthfulness of this work. 

I know it's true. 

love you all 


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