Monday, January 5, 2015


So I finally escaped Cela-york and came to the land of the Gueros...(He's in San Miguel de Allende). What weird creatures they are. 

They're all old rich white people that ride around on their 4 wheelers, complain that there are missionaries everywhere, speak English and walk around in one color jumpers. 


In other news my trainer, Elder Cruz got engaged too... Tis the season...

.... ... oh yeah, on New Years, we went to KFC, for fried chicken, no one really invited us

also ghetto Mexican fireworks,

 I don't know, it was kind of depressing, the holidays aren't the same without your family, but it's the last one,basically. 

As far as teaching goes, we found a little kid! They always listen to us. We're working with him right now to get baptized the 24 of enero.(24 of Jan)

There's still no one home, they've all run away on vacations to DF. (Mexico City)

Talk to you guys in a week,bye!  

I'll have some kind of story next week.. all the stories this week were just stuff that happens in Celaya. 

New Years fun

The Elder who Nick had exchanges with in San Miguel with, made him ribs.  Yum!

San Miguel de Allende

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