Monday, December 29, 2014

List of possible goals. Kind of.

Nick said he didn't have anything to write since we just talked to him.  I told him to give us something.  He gave us something alright.  It was good to see is smiling face on Christmas.  Happy New Year!

As far as this week, no one was home and we kind of aimlessly wandered around. Nothing like getting into the Christmas spirit than walking around the Mexican desert... 

  ...and almost getting killed by the cartel.(No he wasn't.  He told us this story on Christmas.  There were gunshots, but nothing at them.  Needless to say, they won't be going back to that house.) 

Other than that, Christmas was awesome! I got to talk to my family (one call left..)

Anyway so my Christmas message. Set goals for 2015. 

Here are some ideas(Don't take this seriously.  It's a list Nick has experienced or witnessed.  He's so cheeky)

Maybe it will be like, eat a habanero.

Drink 3L of coke (you have to go to Mexico first to find 3L bottles) 

Try and stand on a public bus without using hands for the entire ride. 

Learn how to wash clothes with a bar of soap and a concrete slab. 

Wear a man purse for a month 

Take salsa classes 

Learn how to make copies of keys with a grinder 

Clean the shower with a broom

Wash the street

Start putting the jalapenos in 1liter yogurt jars 

Speak chilango

Start pointing at things with your lips

Make homemade fireworks

Skin a pig, fry the skin and eat it

Hang your socks on the back part of the fridge to dry them

Yell "guero" at every white kid you see 

Enter restaurants and say "provecho" to everyone

Whistle at every girl you see walking on the street 

Listen to "Banda" 24/7 (which is music played by a Mexican brass band)

Paint your house a really bright color! 

Drive like you got hired by "fast and furious" 

Buy a vocho. (this is a car like a VW bug)

Play with trumpos. (spinning top like toys)

Dedicate all your free time to playing FIFA 2014

Eat pizza with ketchup

Put chiles on Alfredo pasta

Drink "Agua de Jamaica" 

Turn on the pilot light for the water heater every single morning

Cold showers too.

You know all the "super mega ultra wet look" hair gel? use that. 

Make out with people in the park, on a bus, on the sidewalk, through a window... 

Start selling Amway products. 

Become an "expert" in medical products, and if someone says they took something you've never heard of, tell them it doesn't work and give them more medicine

Buy 5 gallon water jugs. 

Put "Tajin" on all the fruit you eat.

.... that's all I could think of for now.... 

There you go though, some possible metas that you could follow for this year. 

Love you guys,
Elder Arvanitas

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