Monday, December 8, 2014

It's beginning to look like Celaya


Sorry about last week, I didn't have time to write a regular letter cause I was busy with the essays. 

I'm not ready for college yet.. that's where all the old people go.. 

We might of crashed a business lunch party in the theater. We were walking by.....

"Hey that place looks nice" 

So we walk in, everyone is all dressed up. (The missionary outfit was the perfect disguise) Waiters just start handing us Jamaica water (it's a flower) So we stop and talk, drink our water, take a picture inside and leave. 

And no one said anything :) 

Thanksgiving dinner. Costco pizza, chicken bakes, Martinelli's Sparkling cider, and Pumpkin pie. Thanks Costco!

Incendio de las luces Every year, the lady that has the most Christmas lights in all of Celaya invites everyone to her house to watch her turn on the lights for the first time that year. 

It was cold, like 45 degrees I think.. who knows what I'll do when I get back. (good thing he comes home in the Summer)

Held a 3rd zone meeting. I'm getting pretty good at these things. (and humble too.  Oh Nicky)

As for the schedule for this week. Wednesday is our dinner with President, with a white elephant gift. Last year I gave socks, this year, a Luchador mask. 

Thats all I got though. We are working with people but they're kind of off and on. It's hard. 

Love you guys though, see you next week! bye

Elder Arvanitas

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