Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I've corrected a lot of Nick's grammar but I left quite a few words that he writes in Spanish.  I'm thinking he's sort of stuck between two languages.  ha ha  We get to speak to him on Christmas this week.  No Skyping with him this time but I'll be happy just to hear his voice.  Merry Christmas!

Alright so whats been going on lately, 

Everything is going fine and for the stuff that's not, don't worry we'll figure it out :) 

Honestly, this being my second Christmas in the mission, it's different. I understand more things then I did a year ago. I can't explain all that I've learned in this past year. 

We had a really good experience this week. We have this "Pueblito" called Roque, like 20 mins outside of Celaya. We had plans to go there Thursday,  actually. (The only problem was that we went Tuesday, and since we couldn't find a bus, we got home at 9:50 at night.) So we decided not to go on Thursday, and planned other leccions. 

Well the other lessons fell through, as usual. What to do... well let's go to Roque then, that's what God wants. 

We walk to the bus stop, and sure enough right when we get there, the bus pulls up, pay 50 cents and get on. 

15 mins later, we get to Roque and look around for the guy that was going to be waiting for us (we were just going to leave him hanging before, we didn't have his cell) 

Guess what!? 

He never shows up. 

"now what"

We walk over to a unlit bench in a corner, sit. 

"Might as well pray" 

it went something like this. 

....look God, you brought us all the way out here, and we know it was for something, but honestly we need your help to know what... 

Stand up, get this feeling that we should enter this store, so we do. 

In about 30 seconds this little old lady walks out, and starts talking about how her brother is deathly sick in Tennessee, how she doesn't know what to do, and how she's scared that something will happen to him. 

We explain to her the situation, the fallen appointments, the bus, the prayer, and tell her that God remembers and hears her prayers, that he knows her. 

She cries, we go in and talk. She asks us when we're going to come back. 

We're going to go tomorrow.

Other than that this week was kind of a blur. I've been overwhelmed with stuff a little bit, but it's coming together though. (I think Nick is overwhelmed with being responsible for other missionaries)

Love you guys, 
Elder Arvanitas

p.s. I forgot door stoppers existed, those springy things on the wall that make funny noises. I'm excited to see them again. 

Messing around

Elder O...., Hermana M....., and Nick

Nick, President & Sister Mejorada

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