Monday, December 15, 2014

Staying in Celaya but getting a new comp

I got your package, and Sydney's package too, with ties in it. I'm still waiting for the 2nd package. (I sent these the first week in November)

Transfers, after this one I only got 4 left....

 I'm with Elder A....... actually, as zone leader.  Elder O.... is going to be the new assistant. (This means assistant to the Mission President)

I'll stay here until Febuary 1. I should probably just buy some property and start putting up my house.. 

I'll be honest I can't really remember what happened this week... It's all kind of a blur now.. 

We had our Christmas dinner with President. I got a picture with him smiling! That's something new right?(Nick couldn't send pictures this week because he left his camera at his house.  He was across town with other missionaries)

Then he just gave a small lesson that talked about the condescension of God, and telling us that if we worked for his company, he'd probably fire all of us, cause we say were going to complete our goals, and we never accomplish that.  

The man has got a point.. 

It's not everyday that you get to work side by side with a millionaire for 2 years though. 

Today was a relax day. I went to bed at 2 yesterday, got up at 530. I've been in divisions(he means exchanges) with Constituyentes(this is his old area in Celaya all day cause Elder O.... left in the morning. 

and umm...

Well yep, that's all I got. Love you guys, talk to you soon.

Nick couldn't write much because he was helping pack up his new companion and clean. 

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