Monday, June 2, 2014

I want to be a fish

We've been having trouble teaching this one lady lately. She's really nice, it's just that she lives in straight poverty, and her comprehension level is pretty low. 
 So we asked her one day if she believed she lived with God before she came here and she said happier than ever 
"YES! and I'll tell you why. Because sometimes I go to these places and I feel like I just recognize them. So I think before I was a bird and I just flew over the entire earth, and when I die! I really wanna be a fish and explore the ocean!"
"Okay... yeah that's awesome!"
So then we go on to explain how before this life,  we lived with God as spirits and how when we die it's just when our spirit leaves our body until we're resurrected... but really really in depth, so we wouldn't completely crush her dreams of being a bird and a fish, but just so she'd understand... 

Next day... "Hey do you remember anything you liked that we talked about yesterday?" 
Just that I really want to be a fish!"...

We'll work on that... 

She also brought her neighbor who is this 70 year old grandma that's completely crazy and obsessed with her dog. 

I started collecting World Cup stamps with players on them!  It's fun and all till I realize I don't have money for carnitas cause I spent it all on cards... 

Speaking of food though..... This member told our investigator that they help the Elders with their food and stuff. But she misunderstood and one day when we showed up, she gave us 6 Liters of Milk, 6 of water, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, yogurt etc... oh well :) 

That's all I have got. I was thinking a lot this week about why I'm all the way out here.  I know this stuff is true though and I'm so thankful for it. 

Elder Arvanitas

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