Monday, June 23, 2014

Speaking in Church

So this week. 

Sorry in advance for this short letter. I really don't have a lot of time. 

It's still another week with almost no new investigadors. But it's going. Eventually. 

So I ended up giving a talk this Sunday. They told me 10 minutes before the meeting started. So yeah, we were just sitting there all peacefully and this guy runs up to us and was like "Hey I need you guys to give like a 8-10 min talk!" 

Only he said it in Spanish... 

Mexico's a little more unorganized than the states... 

But me and my comp were like eh, why not. 

So I just start writing down all my thoughts with this crappy little pen (I've managed to lose all my good AMERICAN pens... not too happy about that) and when I looked up again the meeting had started and the music lady was looking straight at me motioning for me to come, cause no one was playing the piano....

I've never played a song more terribly in all of my life... if any Mexicans are reading this I'm sorry for making you sit through that and try and sing along. 

Pero hay va. 

First people give their talks, another song and they call my name. 

I go up there and just murder the Spanish language.. but I managed to get my message out. I talked about faith hope and charity (love). I shared some storyies from my mission, some quotes that just came to my mind, scriptures. It was way cool actually. 

At the end I said something like this. 

"Pues ya que ahora tengo 6 meses, casi me voy de aquí. y la verdad estoy un poco triste por eso. pero quiero que ustedes sepan cuanto que les amo. Cuanto que les agradezco por estos 6 meces que podría estar aquí. Yo se que esta evangelio es verdadero, que dios existe. que el amor que el tiene por nosotros no depende de nada. es algo que siempre está allí por nosotros, aun cuando sentimos que no lo merecemos. 
     Yo sé que los relaciones son las cosas mas importantes en esta mundo. 
     Yo sé que un día todos nosotros vamos a morir, y cuando morimos, quiero ver todos ustedes allá en el cielo, porque sé que no seria lo mismo sin alguna de ustedes allá." 

Then as now I have been here six months, I'm almost out of here and honestly I'm a little sad about that. But I want you to know how much I love you. As I thank you for these 6 months, I could be here. I know that this gospel is true, that God exists. His love for us does not depend on anything.  It is something that is always there for us, even when we feel we do not deserve it. 
      I know that relationships are the most important things in this world. 
      I know one day we will all die and when we die, I want to see you all in heaven, because I would not be the same without some of you there. "

I just started bawling. They all started bawling. It was a really special moment, something I'll never forget. Everyday out here is amazing. I don't regret a second of it. I love these people so much. All of them. (it's kinda crazy I know).  

I'm sorry I can't be with all of you for these 2 years, and it's hard for me too, trust me :p   But it's so important that I'm here for this time to help these people and change their lives one by one. And I'll be home before you all know it. 

P.S. thank you all for the birthday messages, sorry I cant respond to each one of you 

Elder Arvanitas

Members made them Carne Asada.  Mmmmmm......


The Lomas Ward Elders
Elder R, Nick, Elder L...who were in the MTC with Nick.

World Cup display

Lucha Libre Wrestling

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