Monday, June 9, 2014

Water & Neighbors

I'm sorry but I'm afraid this week was no more exciting than last week. Maybe a little bit though... 

To start off... we haven't had water for 5 days... the worst experience of my life... What happened is we just started to rent the house where we've been at. And for the past 3 months, we haven't received anything about our water bill. ( They just put all your bills and important mail hanging out of your gate for everyone to see. Mailboxes probably wont exist for another 30 years here...) 
Anyway, so we call our house owner and are like "hey whats up with our water? "
"oh.. just keep waiting I'm sure it will come" ...optimistic house lady... 
     Until one day I go to shower and there's no water.. and they didn't fix it until today. It was a week full of traveling to shower, and stealing water from our neighbor's faucet to flush the toilet :) 

Speaking of neighbors though, we decided to contact ours. (the ones on the other side :p) This one day we just arrived at our house and this one lady came to my mind that cut down our tree. (We used to have this nice tree outside our house, until one day we came home and it was just gone. This lady walking by was like oh yeah I chopped it down because it was dry... by the way I'm your neighbor.... thanks.....)  But anyway, she came to my mind. So we went and talked to our neighbor, and this guy named Andres came out. He was sweet, invited us to come in and just talk. He ended up talking about how he was divorced before so now every time he goes to his church, the people just look at him like an outcast and the leaders forbid him from taking of their sacrament. 
So we talked with him, told him about how after Jesus died, all these churches popped up and how over time the things that these churches taught changed.   We talked about how being divorced, he shouldn't receive that kind of punishment. etc etc. He's a good guy. 

Had this guy get on our bus with a saxophone and start playing the most soothing sax music in the world. I thought that was noteworthy... 

We had an orientation with our President, Tuesday. He just got up and bore his testimony and talked about how much our parents loved us and are proud of us. In the 2 minutes he talked, you could feel the spirit so strong that everyone started to cry. I dont know how he does it. 

But that's about it. 

Solamente quiero expresar mi amor por cada uno de ustedes. No puedo decir que tan agradecido soy por todo la apoya y amor he recibido mientras he estado aqui en Mexico por estos 3 meces. Es algo que nunca voy a olvidar. Yo sé que voy a verles otra vez, y aunque se parece como mucho tiempo a veces. No lo es. Yo sé que estoy aquí por un razón. Siempre permanecen fieles en que saben es verdadero. Les amo, con todo mi corazon. 

This is from google translate, so forgive me if it's wrong.  I don't speak Spanish. 

I just want to express my love for each of you. I can not tell you how grateful I am for all the love and support I received while I've been here in(San Juan del Rio) Mexico for these 3 months,   It's something I'll never forget. I know I'll see them again, and although it seems like a long time sometimes. It's not. I know I'm here for a reason. Always stay true to what you know is true. I love you with all my heart.

Elder Arvanitas

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