Monday, March 23, 2015

Getting along in Celaya

Well. `nother week here in Celaya. 

... I should probably think about these letters a little more before I send them... (I think so too)

My companion. He's from Ecuador, from Quito. 

He made me rice with a tomato sauce and some meat. I didn't get parasites 

I like him. 



We went to Queretaro?

Elder Florez was still there, (he was supposed to go home on Wednesday, but his itinerary was changed). He shared his testimony for the last time in the mission. I don't think I'll ever see him again. 

I ate elote. (I found a picture of this online.  Nick didn't send one.  It's corn on the cob.)

We had 9 investigadores come to church. 

Taught a guy while sitting on a bucket full of dirty water. (the only thing on my mind "if I shift a little to the right, I'm a dead man.")

What did we do today? 

Ate tortas "los angeles" (couldn't find a picture of this exact thing.)

Passed by Centro. 

Did a little bit of cleaning. I didn't want to overdue it or anything. 'Ill have you know I've become a master at mopping and washing clothes by hand though. 

Things that I can do that I couldn't do before my mission... 

-Clean a shower with a broom
-Wash clothes with a bucket of water, bar of soap, concrete slab. 
-Light a boiler
-eat chiles.
-make salsa.
-heat tortillas without burning my fingers (Actually I still burn them, it's just less)
-Peel a mango
-make water with fresh fruit
-walk a 10k in church shoes (speaking of shoes, they're full of holes and tiny rocks, but that's okay, they just have to last like 3 months. (more like 4 months.)

I just wanted to share my testimony though. There will come moments when we face trials that we will start to doubt. I've learned that the opposition is necessary. That God permits that Satan has power. 

Because it's how we grow. 

Love you guys, 


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