Monday, March 30, 2015

Another day in Celaya

Okay. What do you want to know about my life? Don't just say How's Celaya... ?

Celaya's been the same since the 80's... and will continue to be the same for another century or so. 

There's still a ton of vochos (VW bugs) and cobble stone streets that are veterans in shoe destroying. 

Long dirt roads that lead to no where. Nopalis (cacti) in every corner. Cholos (gangs) in every back alley. 

Where all there is for music is the Beatles or electronic. 

With the big water tower that's full of Cajeta.(Celaya is known for this, it's a caramel sauce similar to dolce de leche)

Where the ony thing to eat is sausage and pollo (chicken). And Root beer and Mountain Dew don't exist. That's Celaya for ya. 

Fun fact. In Mexico kanker sores last 3x as long.. you know why? allow me to explain.. 

We like to keep it simple here and eat 4 types of food. You got your rice, tortillas, some pollo and those frijoles. 

Now since it's so simple here, the food tends to get a little bland after 2 weeks of eating it everyday. (Imagine 20 months) So you have to eat it with other stuff. It requires 3 things in specific. 

Number 1. Pop. You get yourself a nice 3L bottle of coke and it goes good with everything. 

Number 2 Limes. There are lime trees all over the place. They cost like... 50 cents a kilo. You put it in your tacos, In carnitas, with your pasta, in your soup and when you really like it you just cut it in half and dip it in salt or sugar and eat it. 

And number 3. Chile. Because its mero mero Mexico, it's all there is here. You eat them with everything. Yes, even with pasta alfredo. 

And it's because of these things (see above) that my kanker won't go away.. even after a week, no matter how much medicine I put on it. 

On the side note. When you use mouth numbing medicine when you speak English, nothing happens, cause it's all sounds with your throat. But when you have to speak Spanish it comes out like "buenas diaghzzzzz" as you drool all over yourself. 

That's my life. 

As far as people were teaching... They're gettin there. 

But hey gotta go cut my hair for 2$ (the peso's falling in value. My dollar's worth more :)) And the lady is gonna wash it for me and everything.-

Love you guys. bye

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