Monday, March 9, 2015

Short letter but lots of pictures


Back in the city of Gueros. (San Miguel) 

I have more presents, you'll just have to wait till I get home though to get them

Everything's fine. 

Ate a grasshopper today. They're... Disgusting. Never again, not even once. 

This week though, 

Saw cocaine for the first time! That's a story for another day.

Had interviews with President. They went well. 

We just talked. He talked about how the power that he receives as a mission president scares him. How he can shake peoples hands, and somehow get an idea of everything that's gone on in their lives. 

How the Spirit is a tangible feeling that everyone can feel at the same moment. And how you can feel the level of it raise and drop. 

He's like "Charles Darwin can't explain this to me. How is it that all this can happen? God has to exist" 

Then we talked about zone stuff, etc. 

He's really made a huge impact on my life though. I can't tell you how much he's taught me and done for me. 


It's funny being in a cyber cafe in San Miguel because all the old white people are technology handicapped, and every time the owner tries to explain why it's not working, he has to do it in  half Spanish, half broken English, and they don't understand... 

It's the small things. 

And after 20 months in Mexico... I found out how to make the @ sign without using copy and paste... You have to press the ALT button and then the 2. 

There's a British woman speaking on the phone... If only I can get her to say the phrase "tea and crumpets" 

Well that's all I got. I'll send pictures. 

love you, bye

Eating with some Elders

Elder ?, Elder A.....(Nick's companion), Elder Arvanitas

They visited an art gallery

Nick says he's a good looking guy

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