Monday, March 2, 2015

A few people we're teaching


Life's good. 

They're feeding me well. (Someone in my ward told me to say that)

No scary ghetto stuff happened. Only normal everyday missionary stuff. 

Lots of changing though. (He means exchanges with other missionaries)

I read a talk about pride this morning, all the different ways we can fall into pride. If we ask ourselves more "what do i want to do" then "what does God want me to do". 

Long story short, I suck at this stuff, but I'm getting better. That's the important part. 

About college, I'm indifferent. I feel like I shouldn't go there anyway.(He means BYU) I'll figure out where though. 


Jesus y Rosario They're a couple in their 60's. They were going to get baptized in a couple weeks but surprise, they're going to move. Jesus is going to the U.S. to work while Rosario goes back to Moroleon because she got caught in the U.S. without a VIsa. 

Victor is the husband of Hermana I..... He's in his 20's. He's gone to church for like 6 months and just accepted a date for the 25th of April. He's changing everything, dropping cigarettes and alcohol. He's an awesome guy really. Except he lives way far from us, and we can only see him at 730 at night. 

So he drives us home and races everyone else. 

Mario ehh... he's new. 

Family Cerritos We're going to go teach them more.   They were Jehovah Witnesses but they left it. So we're teaching them, lots of good questions that take long explanations. 

There are no Frisbees in all of Mexico. 

They don't exist. 

umm... nothing else. The house is cozy, and cleanish. Mango season continues. This week I only ate like 10 though. 



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