Monday, April 6, 2015

Interrupted an Easter Procession

First thing. 

I forgot it was Easter. I was too busy talking about Semana Santa and Pascua that I forgot to make the translation in my head that Pascua is Easter. And that Easter means that there are Easter egg hunts and a giant rabbit and dying eggs. 

Like I said before.... There are no real "traditions" here in Mexico. The most partying anyone ever does is to buy Corona beer and listen to Banda music. 

And if you go real hard you just go straight for the 98% rubbing alcohol and pass out on the side of the street. 

We usually end up talking to these people weekly. 

2nd. Canker is gone. Life's better. 

3rd. You remember that scene in the Emperors New Groove where there tied to half a tree about to go down a waterfall......

Imagine this. Me and my companion, Friday night, looking at all these people sitting on the ground waiting for something. Massive, massive groups. And we didn't know why. 

Then we start hearing drums and see light up ahead. 

"No no, don't tell me. We're about to run into a huge group of Catholics" 


"Most likely carrying crosses."


"Bring it on." 

...Everything got silent and everyone stared at us. We couldn't escape their candles, their Virgin Mary's, their crosses and their penitent outfits for like 10 mins...(Steve has pictures of such a procession when he was in Italy.  I'm sure Nick and his companion were not what people expected to see.  ha ha)

At least the whole town knows my face though. 

As far as visiting people goes. No one is home... lots of walking around deserted streets. Seeing lots of Nopalis and dirt. We're still working though. 

Actually were going to have a baptism this week. Of a little kid named Joseph. I'll send pictures next week. 

General Conference this weekend....

I ate 1 kilo of peanuts. (they only cost 2$)(Nick wrote something else here we're not going to share but you can imagine what eating that many peanuts can do to your insides)

I really liked the talk about the Prodigal Son. I'm happy to be able to go back and change a bunch of stuff. 

Don't think I've changed too much though. I'm just a little more Spanish. 

Love you guys. 

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