Monday, April 20, 2015

Happiness is finding Root Beer

Divisions divisions divisions. .. 

Everything went well with Elder A..... He's a cool kid, one of the Elders that I really want to see when I get back. 

He got into the business of buying and selling cars from Auctions and bank impounds.. etc. 

It's been hot... Last year I was used to Pittsburgh weather so it was like eh, but now I'm just dying. (It's summer in Mexico and he was in a cooler place last year.  It's been in the 90's for awhile in Celaya)

Starting the diet of only eating fruit and drinking water (when I have the choice). Except for the fact that I found ROOT BEER today! A&W. It was a Christmas miracle... it's only been 21 months. 

I'm almost 20. That's like.. old. I don't want to be old.. I still have lots to do while I'm young. (Nick's birthday is in June.  If he thinks 20 is old, I must be ancient)

Ate Chinese food again.. Everything tastes the same. Also, you thought Chinese people speaking English was hard to understand, try Spanish! I didn't even know it was possible. 

I took a bunch of pictures this week.. just on other peoples cameras. 

.. I'm tired, like all the time. My shoes have holes, 21 months of sunburn and sleep deprivation. 

I had to eat cow intestine this week. That was a highlight. Then Elder A..... looks to his right and sees like a giant bowl with lettuce and bread inside, covered with beetles. 

the family asks "what are you doing?"

"oh just lookin' at your pets"

"We use them for medicine"  

Then they explained how they swallow them alive in water... How you have to start with taking 1 a day, up to 70, and then back down to 1.. 

... Witchcraft. 

I don't know what has happened to the world these days... maybe it's just the Mexican water... 

I washed my clothes with dish soap last night... 

It's all I had. 

.. That's all I could think of. Last week of transfers! I'm in San Miguel right now. I'll be in divisions until Thursday.... hopefully it doesn't rain... 

Love you!

Pretending to hitchhike.  What a dork!

Happy boy with his Cream Soda and Root Beer

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