Monday, April 13, 2015

Ramblings of a Missionary


Funny thing is that I'm writing this Friday morning. They give us time to write our converts now.. The only problem is... I don't have contact with hardly any of them. 

So while I'm waiting for my companion to finish I decided to start my letter.. 

Don't worry... Even Friday morning there's nothing that comes to mind... 

We got to see Meet the Mormons.  Something new.. 

This week we have divisiones coming up with Alamos.. Alamos is so ghetto. It's filled with drunk people and cholos. And their house is full of mold, with leaks all over. 

I'll let you know how it goes... 

We ate at a 3 dollar taco buffet today. The whole time was like "I wonder what sound this made a few days ago..." 

"quack quack.... or oink oink..... or meow..." (Oh Nick, the things he thinks about)

Fun fact, they found a bunch of Chinese restaurants in north Mexico using dog meat. 

You know when I'm going to eat Chinese food again here? nunca...(never) 

What else is good... 

There was no one home this week. You know I could probably walk a marathon when I get back... In the desert too. With cacti and everything. 

As far as the zone is going. No one has had a baptism for 7 weeks. But things are getting better. 

There's only 2 weeks left in the change.(transfer) Time goes by way fast. I'm where my trainer was when he went with me. It feels like yesterday. 

It was funny watching Meet the Mormons, seeing everything that happens before someone goes on their mission. For me it all passed by so fast.. I guess it was a lot harder for you guys than it seemed. 

What Sydney said today is true though. You get done with it all and it seems like a dream... That's about what I'm feeling right now. But then I think about the last time I've seen you guys and it's like, that was so long ago... 

That's all I got. Also Happy Birthday Syd! 

Here's a haiku. 

oh birthdays
no to Korea


Love you guys, talk to you later.


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